Weapons Range

Did you know that right here in the jewel of the central valley of California – we have our very own 100 yard Rifle Range and a 7 to 30 Yard Pistol Range? Located in Tulare, our range is a safe place to practice and perfect your shooting skills. Bring your .22 rifles, black powders, muzzle loaders,  and shotguns for a day of some major sporting fun. Rankin also offers a Pistol Competition Range, Law Enforcement Pistol Range, Helpful Classes, Challenging Competitions, and Special Events.

Open to the Public

Rankin has flexible hours open to the public and offers optimal training ground for entertaining yet safe target practice. You may come for gun safety classes and hunter safety education. Or the range can assist you in the earning of your Carry Concealed Weapon Permit (CCWP). We have finished building our new office/classroom at the Range, along with some other changes – such as our shaded area with fans. We are constantly making improvements to the range.